NALA Code of Ethics & Standards of Practices

Following is the edited version of the AAPL Code of Ethics. NALA, in its original bylaws, adopted by reference the AAPL Code of Conduct. Subsequent to recent legislation, it has become necessary to fine tune the original Code from AAPL.

The Code of Ethics shall be the basis of conduct, business principles and ideals for the members of NALA; and it shall be understood that conduct of any member of the Association inconsistent with the provisions set forth in this Article shall be considered unethical and said individual’s membership status shall be subject to review for possible disciplinary action as prescribed in the Bylaws.

In the area of human endeavor involving trading under competitive conditions, ethical standards for fair and honest dealing can be made increasingly meaningful by an association organized and dedicated not only to the definition, maintenance, and enforcement of such standards, but to the improvement and education of its members as set out in the Standards of Practice. Such is the objective of NALA and such is its public trust


Code of Ethics Section 1


It shall be the duty of the Land Professional at all times to promote and, in a fair and honest manner, represent the industry to the public at large with the view of establishing and maintaining goodwill between the industry and the public and among industry parties.


The Land Professional, in his dealings with landowners, industry parties, and other outside the industry, shall conduct himself in a manner consistent with fairness and honesty, such as to maintain the respect of the public.


Code of Ethics Section 2


Competition among those engaged in the mineral and energy industries shall be kept at a high level with careful adherence to established rules of honesty and courtesy.


A Land Professional shall not betray his partner’s, employer’s, or client’s trust by directly turning confidential information to personal gain.

AAPL Standards of Practice

The Bylaws of the American Association of Professional Landmen provide that a Code of Ethics has been established “to inspire and maintain a high standard of professional conduct” for the members of the Association. The Code of Ethics is the basis of conduct, business principles and ideals for AAPL members. This standard of professional conduct and these guiding principles and ideals mandated by the Code of Ethics within the AAPL Bylaws are summarized as follows:
A. Fair and honest dealing with landowners, industry associates and the general public so as to preserve the integrity of the profession (Article XVI, Section 1);
B. Adherence to a high standard of conduct in fulfilling his fiduciary duties to a principal (Article XVI, Section 2);
C. Avoiding business activity which may conflict with the interest of his employer or client or result in the unauthorized disclosure or misuse of confidential information (Article XVI, Section 2);
D. Performance of professional services in a competent manner (Article XVI, Section 2);
E. Adherence to any provisions of the Bylaws, Code of Ethics, or any rule, regulation, or order adopted pursuant thereto (Article V, Section 9);
F. Avoiding the aiding or abetting of any unauthorized use of the title “Certified Professional Landman,” “Registered Professional Landman,” “P.Land” or “CPL/ESA” (Article V, Section 9); and
G. Avoiding any act or conduct which causes disrespect for or lack of confidence in the member to act professionally as a land professional (Article V, Section 9).
The masculine gender used herein shall refer to both men and women landmen. (*References are to the applicable Article and Section of the AAPL Bylaws.)